Welcome Upcoming 4th graders! We are so excited to have you join us at ASHS!

I am Ms. Moran, and as your School Counselor at ASHS, I look forward to us all having a successful school year. We will have shared moments of fun and laughter. As well, you will have opportunities to learn and be your best self. Most of all, know that I am here for you!

Healthy Eating Fuels Healthy Kids Fuels Healthy Families

I wish to share with you this exciting resource of healthy recipes for kids and families. With summer almost here, it’s time for fun eating. I am posting one particular recipe that sounds delicious as well as the link for many more recipes for you to view, and possibly try. Maybe one will become your favorite.

It’s going to be Okay!!

I wanted to share this inspiring song that picks up one’s spirits and helps bring assurance that we can handle what comes our way. Even though we do not know what is ahead, how things will work out… we will be okay! We know that we can work together to figure this out, and we are resilient. It’s going to be Okay!!

Circle of Control

This Self Control Guidance Lesson will help you consider what things are within your control, and which things are outside of your control.

The Marshmallow Test is a test of self-contol. When we control the things we can, we can make positive choices in our lives… and get even greater rewards.

Knowing what things or circumstances are within your own control, and you therefore have the ability to change, and what things are outside of your control so you have no ability to change them, not only helps with impulse control but also things like emotion regulation and anxiety.

Click on the link below to get your own copy to work on and complete. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gcQeo0zsqTqAFyXlq1nK2cnMeoUVY7hBmpeLwg67jrc/edit?usp=sharing

You are a Flicker of Hope

As I came upon the new book “A Flicker of Hope” by Julia Cook I became inspired. It made me think about how we are a flicker of hope for each other. When we show acts of kindness to our family members, clean up after ourselves, or show a smile to our neighbor, we touch their hearts, we brighten their day. We are a flicker of hope for each other.